The proponents of White Lodge-driven ideology are not and never have been incorrect in their assessment that transgression comes with a price. Whether driven by the philosophical dint of their own religiosity or by their base instinct, this risk assessment is factual. While the adherents of a primarily mundane, “liberation” based “Satanism” might readily assert that the price comes on both sides equally, concrete reality-based reasoning would indicate that the fee schedule for anyone pursuing the doctrine of NO LIMITS EVIL is decidely higher, especially if the same comes to fall under the radar via whatever circumstances, usually unpleasant in nature. While the restrictions of the moral laity certainly exacts its toll overtime, the trangressor can invite calamity in the flash of an eye.

When evil is enacted – genuine, no-holds barred movements against all acceptable limits, not only that which is considered safe societally speaking, and oftentimes that which is legally prosecutable – the world is turned upside down. The elements who facilitate such become and are in their so doing legitimate and non-negotiable AGENTS OF CHAOS in that the deeds that they do and the thought processes which inform such actions are based upon a profoundly subversive and self-driven ideological standard antithetical to acceptable norms. – The Book of Dark Mothers