Some have posited in years past a schema by which energies of the Sinister Feminine might come to the forefront – expressing however an almost insipid, vague vision and without charting a course in such a way that such may be enacted, cent percent, and brought into reality.

Illusions, delusions and fever dreams of those who do not possess the maximum of will and determination to see hard vision brutally birthed on the stage of the concrete, applied to the flesh, psycho-physiology and consciousness alike are like ephemeral dreams – present in their first considering, gone and dissipated with the morning light.

The fanatics of evil without limits have, will and are continually pushing through this intertia.

By dreadful, hideous measures of will made flesh enacting the sort of austerities which make the angels scream and the spirits of the earth shudder in the disturbance to natural order that such hideous transfigurations afford.

This is the fell way, that amoral, psychotic pathway of demon and demoness conjoined – facilitating the will of the Dark Mothers who do not seek to forward the natural but that which is instead unnatural, that which is decidedly excessive, decidedly blasphemous and amoral and thus, bearing the scent of the catastrophic. – The Book of Dark Mothers



“The labyrinth of the mind is something to be plumbed intensely, frequently and with no quarter as to the severity in so doing. This dread exploration is best done in tandem with an exploration – even and as of strict a nature – with the flesh. That which is disciplined, that which is punished, and oftentimes most severely, shall be conditioned in and of itself to apply that same strictness to not only itself by rote but to all others so deserving – thereby conditioning the environment and the inhabitants thereof, and thereby grasping that hideous hold on the nature of reality itself, to distort and subvert as one sees fit. Both mind and flesh must be weaponized, with an excess of attention and exactitude – for they in twine are the twin serpents of wrath which shall rend asunder the world.” – The Book of Dark Mothers