ECT (External Control Torture) was horrifyingly enough the actual name of the specialized correctional unit controlling the torture center, the full name of which was External Control Torture Administration Center (ECTAC). The broad utilization of this so-called administration had its emphasis on administering punishment. The atmosphere was extremely harsh and this harshness was increased with large doses of pure terror in that the ECT was the staging grounds for the most sadistic minds within the organization. The most brutal of the shock troops, men who had been remanded from their training units for committing particularly harsh hazing practices on other troops, or shock troops who had been operating in the field and had been observed raising the bar in the intensity and creativity of applied atrocity were often selected for service in the ECT. Several small units of hardcore intelligence officers, skilled in interrogation, torture and pioneers of the organization’s embryonic punitive mind control program were also stationed in ECTAC.

The intelligence officers in place in ECT were for the most part field operatives, and their brand of applied intelligence (intelligence in the organization equaled terror) bore the stamp of the sort of operations in which the interrogations ended with the termination of the person being interrogated in many cases, and often a butchering of the person’s corpse and a meal of human flesh to follow, along with the obligatory sharing of bone fragments as souvenirs when it came to particularly high-level targets. The latter practice was more common amongst the elite amongst the shock troops, and the intelligence officers’ engagement of similar activity on the field attested to the stark reality of a post-nuclear world and frequent fraternization with the military troops by intelligence. For an intelligence officer, to bed a harsh matron who manned a belt-fed machine gun during large scale exterminations was more than an exotic experience.

SOURCE: Excerpted from IRON GATES by Tempel ov Blood, published by Martinet Press 2014 (ISBN-10:  0692306587, ISBN-13: 978-0692306581) IRON GATES is a sci-fi horror / post-apocalyptic novel, detailing a bleak view of the spiritual horrors of the world-to-come. Set seventy years after a worldwide nuclear conflagration, IRON GATES allows the reader a sight into a nightmarish landscape populated by even more nightmarish characters in a hideous future which leaves little to the imagination. Brutal and unsparing, it is not suitable for readers under 18. Readers should be advised of extreme graphic content. Audio courtesy ARCHON.



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“Similar methods of programming, sometimes combined with witchcraft spiritual abuse, are used to mentally install “humanoids”, e.g., robots, shells, etc., that contain no part of the person’s true humanity, i.e., no personality fragment. These humanoids carry out specific functions within the mind, or in external actions.

Programming overides the victim’s free will. Programmed individuals (usually specific personalities) follow commands and perform actions that are in clear violation of their free will, moral principles, and spiritual convictions, generally without conscious awareness.”

SOURCE: Excerpted from Mind Control: Simple to Complex. Graphic by Commissar GE75, 2016 ERA HORRIFICUS.


Noctulian Fortress

In highly sophisticated mind control, the individual is programmed to perceive inanimate structures in the unconscious inner landscape. “Structures” are mental representations of objects, e.g., buildings, grids, devices of torture, and other containers, that “hold” programmed commands, messages, information, and personalities. In many cases, walls are also installed that serve as barriers to hide deeper levels of programming and structures. Unconscious personalities perceive themselves as trapped within, or attached to, these structures, both visually (in internal imagery), and somatically (in experiences of pain, suffocation, electroshock, etc.).

Structures are installed in early childhood, generally between 2 and 5 years of age. Torture and drugs are applied beyond the endurance of all of the already-formed personalities, which usually requires that the child be taken near death. The intent is to bury all memory for the event deeply in the unconscious mind, below the level of consciousness of all personalities. When all conscious processing of information is blocked, the child cannot mentally resist any of the programmer’s input, cannot reject it as “not me” or as untrue. Instead, the input is “taken in whole”, into the unconscious mind, with no conscious memory, and therefore no ability to process or reject it later.

The child may be tortured on a device, and the personalities formed in this process then perceive themselves trapped on these devices. Or an image of an object may be projected on the child’s body or on a screen, or in virtual reality goggle, or a physical model of the object is shown.

The programmer then tells the child that this device or object is now within him or her. Because the mind of the small child does not easily discriminate reality and fantasy (this process relies on the pre-school child’s use of magical thinking), the child now perceives the object as a structure within. Then, a code is installed, for the programmer to gain future access to the structure to erase or give new information.

Immediately after the structure is installed, the programmer will generally command traumatized personalities go to places in the structures, e.g., “Go inside the grid”; The programmer will generally also install the perception of wires, bombs, and re-set buttons, to prevent removal of the structure. The child is usually shown something to make the him or her perceive these as real, e.g., a button on the belly-button.

Installed program “triggers”, “cues”, and “access codes” allow the programmer easy access to programmed personalities and program structures to install or change commands, messages, and information, and to retrieve information, all out of victims’ conscious awareness.

Personalities trapped in (or on) structures obey program directives until freed from the structures. Programmed functions are usually performed unconsciously, or with a some awareness of a compulsion to do, or not do, something. E.g., personalities are often programmed to awaken in the every morning hours to make a telephone call (use of toll-free numbers results in no record of calls) to obtain or provide information to abuser groups. Programmed “reporter” personalities report whether therapy is approaching the hidden programming. The host usually has no knowledge of making these calls, or may occasionally find him/herself holding a telephone in the middle of the night, not knowing why.

SOURCE: Excerpted from Mind Control: Simple to Complex. Graphic by Commissar GE75, 2008 ERA HORRIFICUS. All sigils drawn in human blood.



“One common function of trauma-based mind control programming is to cause the victim to physically and psychologically re-experience the torture used to install the programming should the victim consider violating its directives.” – Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., Mind Control: Simple to Complex




“Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition.” – Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., Mind Control: Simple to Complex



“The stories told of the most brutal and uncaring of the survivors of the apocalypse – those who had not sought to eke out some semblance of the normative reality that most of society had once known prior to the nuclear wars but rather those who had already possessed a penchant for ultra-violence, those suffuse with the most degraded of human proclivities that had been accelerated by the increasing state of upheaval that led to the final terminal nightmare. For that sort the nuclear wars – and the chaos that ensued – represented opportunity. In their minds, the fact that they had counted themselves among the few survivors amidst the termination of billions held within it the promise of a satanic destiny awaiting. While many of them had enjoyed their own sadistic pleasures either singly or in small bands the reputation quickly spread of the southern area where large-sale organized terror was being fomented systematically – rumors of a region that represented the zenith of hell on earth administered by demons in flesh bodies whose appetite for bloodshed, carnage and horror knew no bounds.” 

“Britta saw the images of her sister from the day of wrath – tall sinewy body bearing only the slightest signs of womanhood sheathed within an immaculate white now stained with splatters of blood – yellow poisonous mists rising around her, eyes concealed behind platinum mirror reflecting exploding ordnance and life-draining chemical smoke. Harsh orders spoken in amplified, robotic cadence issuing forth from helmeted head – urging, cajoling, directing her troops toward further and ever-horrific acts of genocidal abandon.”

“Smoke from burning buildings wafted thickly on the winter air and the sounds of children crying, the moans of the critically injured and the sounds of armed carriers engaging in preparatory training maneuvers melded seamlessly with the incongruous sounds of roosters crowing and penned up swine grunting in hopeless premeditation of a morning slop. Dead bodies were piled like cordwood along the sides of the bombed-out dwellings – sacrificial victims of the organization’s martial carnage of the day before. This was the country – Bluebird country.”

SOURCE: Excerpts from BLUEBIRD – forthcoming from Martinet Press in 2016. A thirteen year-old girl in a futuristic setting after a year of rigorous cult programming and systematic abuse at the hands of a brutal paramilitary organization finds herself installed as a deity representing the embodiment of chemical and radiological warfare in a disease-ridden DMZ-type border area between the paramilitary organization with whom she enlisted and the gateway to areas of unknown nuclear-war devastated territories from which she came. The second installment of the post-apocalyptic trilogy authored by the Tempel ov Blood that began with IRON GATES.

Audio and graphic featuring the track QUEEN OF RADIATION courtesy ARCHON.


Illuminati abuse networks function for the exercise of extreme sadomasochistic urges as well as a system of blackmail that keeps members from breaking rank.

SOURCE: Video remitted by clandestine organization center to the Blood Beasts support network as a part of a required collective programming ordeal.