“The Commissar eagerly awaited his return to the castle to get a second helping of his newest play thing, before retiring for the night. He unlocked the door to his office to find her sitting in the corner bruised from her earlier time with him. He sat down in his chair and looked at her. He patted his lap and smiled. She got up and moved towards him the fear in her eyes increased with every step she took. As soon as she got close enough he grabbed her arm and forced her over his lap. She began to cry. He pulled down her undergarments and began to slap her behind. She was screaming from the pain, her wounds from earlier were still fresh and made it that much more unbearable. With every smack he visualized the villagers being shot. He became more and more aroused. Every audible crack of flesh making contact with flesh he could hear the crack of the rifles. The villagers chests exploding, their skulls shattering from the 148gr 7.62×54 rounds. Their twitching bodies in the grave. All those he finished off with his 7 shot Nagant revolver. His excitement had reached unbearable levels. He pushed her off his lap and opened his trousers. He forced her to satisfy him with her mouth. He held her head against his member and choked her. She kept trying to reel her head back, but was forced down by his hand. She gagged and came close to vomiting. When he finished, he pushed her off himself, fixed his trousers, and had a guard come and retrieve her to be locked away in one of the living quarters. It would go on like this for days.”

SOURCE: Excerpted from “The Pain Never Stops” in False Prophet Volume 1: Edition 5 published by Martinet Press 2015 (ISBN-10: 0692575502, ISBN-13: 978-0692575505) False Prophet presents an anthology of highly transgressive, amoral and oftentimes disturbing content designed for those dedicated to real-world evil without limits. Including highly predatory essays, narrative and visual illustrations centered around the nature of trauma-induced programming and other themes salient to aspiring Noctulians.

Graphic courtesy of an anonymously sourced TOB supporter.