“We never sleep!” she had once heard her father say, during that strange game in which he had dressed up in the IDF fatigues her Uncle Shraga had sent him special from Bet Ayin. And indeed, Christie never slept during those sorts of nights, when the dead fingernail moon hung limply in the sky and her mother left the meat raw on her plate as a sign, a warning.

SOURCE: Excerpted from “Flight of the Monarch” in False Prophet Volume 1: Edition 5 published by Martinet Press 2015 (ISBN-10: 0692575502, ISBN-13: 978-0692575505) False Prophet presents an anthology of highly transgressive, amoral and oftentimes disturbing content designed for those dedicated to real-world evil without limits. Including highly predatory essays, narrative and visual illustrations centered around the nature of trauma-induced programming and other themes salient to aspiring Noctulians.