“My security concerns may seem excessive. I believe experience has shown them to be necessary. I am much safer if you know little about me. Neither of us are children about these things. Over time, I can cut your losses rather than become one.

The U.S. can be errantly likened to a powerfully built but retarded child, potentially dangerous, but young, immature and easily manipulated. But don’t be fooled by that appearance. It is also one which can turn ingenius quickly, like an idiot savant, once convicted of a goal.

I greatly appreciate your highly professional inclusion of old references to things known to you in messages resulting from the mail interaction to assure me that the channel remains unpirated. This is not lost on me.

Never patronize me at this level. It offends me, but then you are easily forgiven. But perhaps I shouldn’t tease you. It just gets me in trouble.

I have, however, come as close to the edge as I can without being truly insane. My security concerns have proven reality-based. I’d say, pin your hopes on ‘insanely loyal’ and go for it. Only I can lose.

Giving up on me is a mistake. I have proven inveterately loyal and willing to take grave risks which even could cause my death, only remaining quiet in times of extreme uncertainty. So far my ship has successfully navigated the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

I have drawn together material for you now over a lengthy period. It is somewhat variable in import. Some were selected as being merely instructive than urgently important. I think such instructive insights often can be quite as valuable or even more valuable long-term because they are widely applicable rather than narrow. Others are of definite value immediately.

P.S. Your ‘thank you’ was deeply appreciated.”

SOURCE: Graphic anonymously sourced.