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There will come a time hundreds of thousands of years hence in which the earth will experience the zenith of horror in this turning of the cycle of the ages. All of those reading who are members of the clandestine organization and some of the more perspicacious among you who are not already know what the symptoms will be in those end-times that lead up to the terminal moment. A sun shining above that no longer engenders life but destroys it, despots wielding a power so unbearably totalitarian from vast metropolitan centers that humanity will flee to the countryside to escape it – living on subsistence levels, dwelling in caves, keeping mind and body together by eating the flesh of other humans and whatever still-existent stunted vegetation can be found – a deformed sub-race that would be barely recognizable except in the bleakest nightmares of those present in the here and now. A level of degeneration in both the constitution of the populace and the landscape in which they will dwell which is almost beyond comprehension.

The seeds of this degeneration can even now be seen amidst us – observable in your fellow man – observable in yourself. For the “Kali-yuga” means the Iron Age of Quarrel and Hypocrisy – and this doesn’t mean simply the sort of grand-scale conflicts that the millenist mindset would indicate – the supposed “war that would end all wars” and its much beloved (among a certain sector of the readership) sequel, mass shootings, violence on a global scale. As the saying goes, the demon (in this respect – the Demon Kali – a negative manifestation of Visnu, not denoting the black goddess whose name bears a similar spelling) is in the details. Quarrel on a very individual, psychological level – an insatiable need for petty conflict and for those who think that they are beyond it – a hypocritical self-delusion that they are any different. These are the insidious seeds that are germinating and have been germinating even before the inauguration of this Iron Age of Quarrel and Hypocrisy which began more than five-thousand years past when the shattered filaments of that iron mace thrown into the sea in the hope of waylaying the inevitable were vomited forth back into the very hands of the rulership at the time who had sought to postpone it. And so here we are, five-thousand years later, reaping the questionable dispensations of existing at the still early stages of an era that will see human beings reduced to the size of ants and the tallest trees being the size of the smallest shrubs.

There are those who posit that such an ongoing cycle of hell can be escaped – that through some apprehension of some worthless gnostic scriptures cobbled together and interpreted by the drug-addled, early Kali-yuga bodies and minds of a fiat elite among what is considered the left-hand path that we can somehow escape this hell and the deucedly more hellish landscapes that are to follow. For those who subscribe to this tomfoolery we tell you now that you have been sold a deception – for there is no more chance that a contrived, confabulated and imagined “anti-cosmic” standpoint nor any of the impotent rites derived thereof, little more than exercises in creative writing, will save you from the endless cycle of birth and death, from the limitless and incalculable hells that have been conceived by a master intelligence beyond your reckoning since time immemorial. Just as the individual suicide of one of the beloved leaders of this sect of thought has no more facilitated his own escape from the cycle of birth and death – said person who has long since gone through the stage of a squawling brat on the tit of a mother perhaps in less palatable environs than modern Sweden – neither is there the possibility of permanent destruction of this cosmos as long as the sociopathic proprietor of all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be wills its dreadful continuation.

Will there be a time of great reckoning to come, for the inhabitants of this earth planet and the worlds which lie above it and below it – the residents of the heavens, the residents of the hells and the ghostly inhabitants of the ghostly liminal and demonic realms which are interspersed between? Oh, absolutely. As prophesied by those subscribing to other faiths there will be a time when the “blood will run up the level of the horse’s bridle” and so much more – it’s to this Supreme Personality of Godhead who is both an incarnation of and taught in martial prowess by the one who can “kill at the speed of mind” – the “machine killer” – that each and every member of the TOB and millions of others across the globe petition in hours of chanting each and every day, day in, day out, without cessation – no excuses – no exceptions – no remorse – despite whatever situations we may be in.

A time of hell on earth approaches – it approaches with each second that passes – and, in light of our position now at the time of this writing, some five-thousand some odd years since its onset – we are within it. There need not be any hallucinations as to a false liberation for those within the organization nor any yearning toward the fact that the dissolution that will come will liberate all and sundry – for those who think the same then we encourage you to shake off the yoke of that unneeded and unseemly humanitarianism – in this and in other things you need not be your brother’s keeper. If you are chanting – not some contrived prayer – some worthless mantra – handed down by those who know not for the purpose of assuaging those who do not wish to know – but the mantra which all organization members are prescribed to chant without exception – then you are already liberated. You neither create karma nor are accruing new karma, nor are experiencing the destabilizing upswing and downswing of karma both good and bad past accumulated except in the smallest token reactions according to the one whom may wish to teach you a lesson here and there, always to your benefit and never to your detriment.

But you wish to be a destroyer, yes? You want to feel the hot breath of the thousand-headed serpent upon your inhuman brow as the fires hotter than any iteration of the lakes of fire described by the authors of the books compiled by and subscribed to by religions all over the world propose scorch not only the earth planet but every planet below and beneath – hellish, celestial and in-between – created by divers numbers of demiurges both benign, malefic and neutral in constitution? This dream can be yours. To witness the oceans of chaos beneath the hellish planetary systems as they boil under the heat from those fires of universal dissolution? To be as the eleven-fold beast – the Bhairavas – the terrible ones – as they tear the aggregate creation to shreds with anger stored within them since the time of creation itself?

Simply surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead – surrender to that Supreme Personality of Godhead who engineers the ongoing creation, maintenance and destruction of innumerable worlds kalpa after never ending kalpa but is beyond them all – as we are also, qualitatively same but quantitatively different – and enjoy, as a part and parcel of the ultimate destroyer of worlds, facilitating the dissolution of not only this earth but unlimited cosmos not only in this cycle of the Iron Age but in innumerable iterations of the same stretching into eternity.