tomorrows dreams
Amidst the recent outcry over the terrorist actions of the Islamic State in France it has been resoundingly clear that the information age has also coincided with the age of purported Satanists of all stripes – including most pronouncedly so in the most base hypocrisy those who align themselves with, allegedly, in a support role, of a Satanism of a perhaps more dangerous sort than that of their erstwhile counterparts claiming similar nomenclature. These amongst the former – the allegedly sinister – supporting, seemingly almost to a person, the same tired, hand-wringing, reactionary and system-driven opinions of their alleged inferiors, the “mundanes.”

No longer apparently are the supposed champions of system disruption, of the fight against ZOG – the system – the Magian, et. al. willing to embrace the cold pragmatism of the dictum that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

No longer for those acting under the auspices of an allegiance to National-Socialism are the Americans, the Israelis and the political movers and shakers in the world scene desirous of (and indeed, enacting) a move toward a more one-world hegemonic society the natural opponent.

Instead, most conveniently so, for their own conscience and demonstrable concurrence with societal standards, it is rather the Islamic State – known colloquially by the catchy acronym of its former name – ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) – a proscribed terrorist group with blanket state-sponsored opposition by almost every “free” nation on the face of the planet.

Surely, despite any number of ‘aesthetic’ differences, the evil of this group and the need for their destruction (led by American coalition with Israel, its closest allies – not by the opinion of chuffed black metallers and ‘traditionalists’) is something that every member of the “sinister collective” can agree with most wholeheartedly as they sit down (comfortably so, no less) to a Thanksgiving dinner with their Baptist grandparents.

Though less than two-hundred died in these mass shootings – very likely far less than the accrued victims of mass shootings under various auspices in the United States over the last several years – and certainly less than the over seven-thousand killed in the World Trade Center attacks by a few men of similar religious bent, the engineers of the latter referenced attack being armed much more sparingly – wielding several box-cutters of the variety that can be easily had for the cost of several dollars from any hardware store and a few with a passable knowledge of aviation – the surge of public opinion has, like a tidal wave, swept up the so-called ‘sinister’ with the so-called ‘mundane’ in an apparently instinctual move toward conservatism, reaction and circling of the wagons.

That said, our own question – for those who align themselves with Traditional Satanism and other related praxises apparently based upon the sinister, exeatic life of Anton Long is as follows:

What would be the reaction if some now counting themselves as O9A supported the Islamic State as David Myatt supported Al-Qaeda prior, during and after the World Trade Center Attacks in New York City? What would be the reaction if the Order itself called for persons to now, as it did in the 2003 MS Aeonic Insight Roles, to “convert to Islam and aid, through words, or deeds, or both, those undertaking Jihad against Zionism and the NWO”?

To date no reaction can be properly registered as it is now apparent that the presumably instinctual need – based very likely on a less than adept understanding – for social conservatism – and for very real collusion with those world powers whom so many have hitherto expressed, if in word if not in deed, opposition to – has far outweighed any prescription toward the practice of hardcore evil in the real-world, for aiding, in a practical manner, the forces now enacting system disruption and for availing oneself of the exeatic possibilities that a real, palpable hell on earth might provide.