TOB personnel engaging in sub-surgical ordeal in the course of combined OMEGA and DELTA programming (MONARCH subsidiaries) under the unblinking gaze of DSG.

DELTA. This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.

SOURCE: Description of MONARCH subsidiaries taken from the article PROJECT MONARCH. Ordeal film footage from BEAST BARRACKS Channel, programming undertaken by SUBAGENT SPECIALIST SS66.