Take away a man’s control’s, his children, his wife, his job, he becomes a murderer. Strip away the taboos of taking life and harming others, he will indulge until his heart’s desire. What is one of the things a man will do after being lost in the wilderness? He will find shelter, then go out and kill for food.

Nothing compares to the black rage of a man. The rage that causes a man’s vision to go black and upon the reviving of consciousness finds himself standing over a bloodied corpse. You can feel it coming when your breathing increases, the tendons in your hands tighten, your chest tightens, hot blood rises to the surface, time slows down, you feel the blackness rising up, your chakras light up like an electrical conductor and black tendrils crawl out of your chakras affecting the surrounding area. Then the final moment approaches. The predator takes over and all you can do is watch yourself in horror at the monster you have become. Your mind will fall into the blackness of ecstasy. Upon waking you will be convinced it was all a dream.

It’s said that rape is not about lust, but about power and control. Our desire to murder comes from the pure fact that we are predators. Our rage has been building up over the years. As Rudra was created in a pure moment of rage by Brahma, so do we find ourselves dowsing our rage to prevent our molecules from exploding. Many would mark us as insane. Insanity is only a word for how far one is willing to go to accomplish one’s goals.

SOURCE: Excerpted from Ode to the PredatorLiber 333, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1492282204, ISBN-10: 1492282200) Article originally appeared in False Prophet: Internal Journal of the Tempel of Blood Volume I, Issue 3 from Angleton Imprints, distributed exclusively by Black Light Distribution. Graphic courtesy Czar Drich-dar.