“Ellie giggled insanely as she sat upon the rug of the affluent traditionally decorated house on the outskirts of Osaka, naked and covered in semen, as the torment sat on the floor several feet before her pulsating with a slow, sickening glow which illuminated the shaded room, lit only by the glow of the amulet and the haze of the late afternoon sun filtering in through the narrow slats in the windows…”

Several Japanese businessmen sat around her in a semi-circle in states of half-undress, their expensive suits and slacks laying in heaps on the floor along with their briefs, though most of them still wore white undershirts and some of them still had on their dress shirts though the buttons and ties were in states of no small disarray.

Within the churning prai oil of the amulet Ellie and the others in the room could see the spirit of the torment swirling in a state of anti-gravity, her hands alternately raised above her head in the gestures of dance and running them over her own celestial body in a state of sensuous rapture. At times the spirit would open her mouth and the communication would come through telepathically into Ellie’s mind in the form of a sharp pain between her eyebrows, followed by a shower of energy which rained down around her after bursting from the crown of her head in a sparkling cascade. The men sitting around her and the amulet experienced neither of these questionable dispensations from the torment but instead heard a small but fell whispering of indistinguishable language each time the entity opened its mouth and the rustling of a foul current of air which could only have been the product of supernatural phenomena, given the fact that the room was closed and sealed off to the outside both externally and internally.

Ellie raised herself to her full height and stretched languorously – as she did so the mouths of the businessmen congregated in the semi-circle peeled back in a rictus of horror. Their seminal fluid which coated her face, breasts, legs and posterior visibly glowed with a golden hue and as she turned her gaze toward them they saw that her eyes had receded into their sockets and in their place a similar golden shimmering was present, much brighter and much more violent than that which emanated from the torment itself. A feral snarl emitted from Ellie’s pursed mouth as it slowly peeled back into a hideous and insane grin.

As suddenly the room went dark, the rays of the earthly sun from outside and the erstwhile glow of the torment being subsumed in the pitch blackness that had been created from the internal potency of Ellie and the torment so combined. Distressed cries arose from amidst the few congregants, soon replaced by the sounds of grotesque gurgling, the snapping of bones and the sound of blood splattering upon the walls.

When the light returned the businessmen lay splayed here and there in indiscriminate fashion, bowels and organs sitting beside bodies with their limbs spread akimbo and features mutilated beyond all knowable recognition. Ellie crouched in one corner of the room covered in gory rivulets of crimson, the torment clutched to her breast and the blood of her former attendants slicked down her back slowly seeping and staining outward across the paper wall upon which she leaned and which beyond lay worlds beyond worlds for her and the torment to discover, together.