“In context to the sinistral path however, a nexion is a tendril leading to that abysmal source of backwards darkness. A direct death-line to the hungry furnace of Hell which can be tapped and brought into the causal realm.

One who has passed through the jaws of the devouring demon who is known by the numerical code of 333 will become a physical nexion in the flesh, having tapped into that abysmal source of backwards darkness and thus from that point forward, radiating that same black energy like the after-effects of a location which has experienced a nuclear disaster – being forever stained for the rest of their existence.

In like manner and further referencing the example of a nuclear disaster, a physical location which has through strenuous ordeals and feverish black rites, absorbed the currents of this down flowing stream, also becomes ‘stained’ – transforming into a physical point of contact. In this event an uprise of disasters, criminal activity and other such ‘negative motion’ will begin to take place in the surrounding area as the radiation of the location reaches out and touches those around it.

As such, when it is said that an individual, group or location is a nexion it means that they have become a direct link or line of contact to the supernal forces of Evil – the ever hungry darkness which is alien to this causal world. Through becoming a ‘walking nexion’ ones becomes a DEMON IN THE FLESH – thus – evoking through that direct line or umbilical cord to the Abyss – the acausal energies into this world causing disruption, madness and ultimately working towards the establishment of HELL ON EARTH.”


“Let go. Be afraid. You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.”

SOURCE: Excerpted from Nexions – An ExplanationLiber 333, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1492282204, ISBN-10: 1492282200) Graphic image from 6 July 2015 correctional training regimen, Commissar NSK presiding, Black Lodge Discipline Center.