Vampire (1)

Nora Tenatz; Blue Knights of Terror

A vampiric approach entails a complete overhaul of one’s consciousness as a very base preliminary. A killing of all human aspects as the invitation for the Undead Gods through the auspices of the backwards darkness of the Abyss to enter into, possess and take hold of one’s physical body (including the mind) after which the living flesh is no longer living but undead.

An undead mind, an undead flesh. This is the zenith point desired by those who undertake the harsh alchemical change process – leading toward a state so horrid, so bleak that the perception of the one taking the first brutal steps onto the path can only intuit from a distance.

What sort of overhaul of consciousness is a preliminary toward even taking those first brutal steps?

The Undead Gods are inimical to human life by their very design and nature – in order to commune with them you must indicate beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of their interest. To do this you must develop a predatory mindset and then begin to enact predatory scenarios consistently – not predatory according to “certain strictures”, “certain codes” and self-imposed moral limits. A black vampire is amoral and spits upon moral limits – including those of the vast majority of self-proclaimed “Satanists” of whatever stripe, who are simply the moral majority presenting themselves as the minor threat – all under the banner of whatever LHP cosmetic “current” they choose.

A vampire is anarchic and frenzied in their pursuit of doing evil – and thrall to the black discipline which enables them to enact the same in the real-world, thus committing and living on an ongoing basis “real-world evil.”

Do you think that the entities who dwell beyond the black gates of the Abyss are interested in coddling the titular “adherent of a current” – the black-clad but white-souled pretender who clamours for evil (with “certain limits’ – of course) while slavishly adhering to in fact – on the most base level – to every middle-class value that they have been inculcated to hold since birth?

Horrific transfiguration into the vampiric condition does not come cheap – and “sinister solidarity” is for suckers.

A preliminary of a complete overhaul of one’s consciousness in pursuance of the undead state is in many ways surprisingly simple – one must simply begin to conceive of going beyond due limits and then through that seed of conception allow it to flourish into action – forcing it into action via the black, amoral and cruel discipline which is the veritable lifeblood of vampiric transformation. That which is most disturbing to one should be enacted. That which one holds as beloved and dear should become an object of the burgeoning vampire’s sadism – not in thought, but in reality. Innocence should be trampled – without exceptions and with unbridled fanaticism.

Can you name a notorious criminal whose actions and atrocities transgress your own moral boundaries even by considering them, whose deeds are so non-negotiably perverse and reprehensible that even the consideration of them causes you to tremble in moral turpitude? If so, you have failed in your pursuance of the undead state.

Do the activities of ISIS, the US Government or the Israeli state cause you discomfort to the point that you will engage in endless internal circular arguments to justify that “your click”, your “cosmetic LHP current” are the “real deal” and that those who cause actual terror and cause actual bloodshed are somehow pawns of the “Magian” or “Demiurge” or (insert “occult” catch phrase of choice)? If so, then you have failed in your pursuance of the undead state.

The Undead Gods themselves are indifferent to such human transgressions – for they themselves have so much more pointed transgressions in store for those who seek them. But you yourself must not be indifferent – you must embrace that which is most horrifying in this world so as to taste that which is to come. Discipline yourselves with black amoral discipline of your own engineering and method of execution and this will lead to the Undead Gods themselves disciplining you – and – from there – a dangerous game of “one upmanship” will ensue which will place your feet firmly upon the charnel grounds of their hideous kind.