STATE TERROR NOT ONLY hugely raised the level of violence, but was much more horrific than the factional fighting itself. The clearest illustration of this came in the southern province of Guangxi in summer 1968. There, one faction refused to recognize the authority of Mao’s point man, General Wei Guo-qing (who had helped direct the climactic battle against the French at Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam in 1954.) Wei was determined to use any degree of force to crush his opponents.

This involved not only using machine-guns, mortars and artillery, but also inciting gruesome murders of large numbers of people designated by the regime as “class enemies.” As the boss of Binyang County, an army officer, told his subordinates: “I’m now going to reveal the bottom line to you: in this campaign, we must put to death about one-third or a quarter of class enemies by bludgeoning or stoning.” Killing by straight-forward execution was rated not frightening enough. “It’s OK to execute a few to start with, but we must guide people to use fists, stones and clubs. Only this way can we educate the masses.” Over a period of eleven days after the order was given, between 27 July and 6 August 1968, 3,681 people in this county were beaten to death, many in ghastly ways; by comparison the death toll in the previous two years of the Cultural Revolution had been “only” 68. This bout of killing claimed some 100,000 lives in the province.

The authorities staged “model demonstrations of killing” to show people how to apply maximum cruelty, and in some cases police supervised the killings. In the general atmosphere of fostered cruelty, cannibalism broke out in many parts of the province, the best-known being the county of Wuxuan, where a post-Mao official investigation (in 1983, promptly halted and its findings suppressed) produced a list of 76 names of victims. The practice of cannibalism usually started with the Maoist staple, “denunciation rallies.” Victims were slaughtered immediately afterwards, and choice parts of their bodies – hearts, livers and sometimes penises – were excised, often before the victims were dead, and cooked on the spot to be eaten in what were called at the time “human flesh banquets.”

Guangxi is the region with perhaps the most picturesque landscape in China: exquisite hills rising and falling over crystal-clear waters in which the peaks look as real as they do above. It was against these heavenly double silhouettes, by the purest rivers, that these “human flesh banquets” were laid out.

An 86-year-old peasant who, in broad daylight, had slit open the chest of a boy whose only crime was to be the son of a former landlord, showed how people had no trouble finding justifications for their actions in Mao’s words. “Yes, I killed him,” he told an investigative writer later. “The person I killed is an enemy… Ha, ha! I make revolution, and my heart is red! Didn’t Chairman Mao say: It’s either we kill them, or they kill us? You die and I live, this is class struggle!”

SOURCE: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Anchor Books, 2006, (ISBN-13: 978-0679746324, ISBN-10: 0679746323)

Image courtesy of a TOB Czar. Associated rank accoutrements featured (armband, pins, punitive implement) indicating training in and graduate of Commissariat-level clandestine organizational rank ordeals.



“We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted.” – Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky

“At night he would cruise the streets of Moscow seeking out teenage girls,” Antonov-Ovseyenko has said in an interview. “When he saw one who took his fancy he would have his guards deliver her to his house. Sometimes he would have his henchmen bring five, six or seven girls to him. He would make them strip, except for their shoes, and then force them into a circle on their hands and knees with their heads together. He would walk around in his dressing gown inspecting them. Then he would pull one out by her leg and haul her off to rape her. He called it the flower game.”



Meanwhile, Rodin, greatly aroused, had seized the little girl’s hands, tied them to a ring fitted high upon a pillar standing in the middle of the punishment room. Julie is without any defence… any save the lovely face languishingly turned toward her executioner, her superb hair in disarray, and the tears which inundate the most beautiful faces in the world, the sweetest… the most interesting. Rodin dwells upon the picture, is fired by it, he covers those supplicating eyes with a blindfold, approaches his mouth and dares kiss them, Julie sees nothing more, now able to proceed as he wishes, Rodin removes the veils of modesty, her blouse is unbuttoned, her stays untied, she is naked to the waist and yet further below… What whiteness! What beauty! These are roses strewn upon lilies by the Graces’ very hands… what being is so heartless, so cruel as to condemn to torture charms so fresh… so poignant? What is the monster that can seek pleasure in the depths of tears and suffering and woe? Rodin contemplates… his inflamed eye roves, his hands dare profane the flowers his cruelties are about to wither; all takes place directly before us, not a detail can escape us: now the libertine opens and peers into, now he closes up again those dainty features which enchant him; he offers them to us under every form, but he confines himself to these only: although the true temple of Love is within his reach, Rodin, faithful to his creed, casts not so much as a glance in that direction, to judge by his behavior, he fears even the sight of it; if the child’s posture exposes those charms, he covers them again; the slightest disturbance might upset his homage, he would have nothing distract him… finally, his mounting wrath exceeds all limits, at first he gives vent to it through invectives, with menaces and evil language he affrights this poor little wretch trembling before the blows wherewith she realizes she is about to be torn; Rodin is beside himself, he snatches up a cat-o’-nine-tails that has been soaking in a vat of vinegar to give the thongs tartness and sting. “Well there,” says he, approaching his victim, “prepare yourself, you have got to suffer”; he swings a vigorous arm, the lashes are brought whistling down upon every inch of the body exposed to them; twenty-five strokes are applied; the tender pink rosiness of this matchless skin is in a trice run into scarlet.

Julie emits cries… piercing screams which rend me to the soul; tears run down from beneath her blindfold and like pearls shine upon her beautiful cheeks; whereby Rodin is made all the more furious… He puts his hands upon the molested parts, touches, squeezes, worries them, seems to be readying them for further assaults; they follow fast upon the first, Rodin begins again, not a cut he bestows is unaccompanied by a curse, a menace, a reproach… blood appears… Rodin is in an ecstasy; his delight is immense as he muses upon the eloquent proofs of his ferocity. He can contain himself no longer, the most indecent condition manifests his overwrought state; he fears not to bring everything out of hiding , Julie cannot see it… he moves to the breech and hovers there, he would greatly like to mount as a victor, he dares not, instead, he begins to tyrannize anew; Rodin whips with might and main and finally manages, thanks to the leathern stripes, to open this asylum from the Graces and of joy… He no longer knows who he is or where; his delirium has attained to such a pitch the use of reason is no longer available to him; he swears, he blasphemes, he storms, nothing is exempt from his savage blows, all he can reach is treated with identical fury, but the villain pauses nevertheless, he senses the impossibility of going further without risking the loss of the powers which he must preserve for new operations.

“Dress yourself,” he says to Julie, loosening her bonds and readjusting his own costume, “and if you are once again guilty of similar misconduct, bear it firmly in mind that you will not get off quite so lightly.” – excerpted from Justine, Marquis De Sade, 1787



Vampire (1)

Nora Tenatz; Blue Knights of Terror

A vampiric approach entails a complete overhaul of one’s consciousness as a very base preliminary. A killing of all human aspects as the invitation for the Undead Gods through the auspices of the backwards darkness of the Abyss to enter into, possess and take hold of one’s physical body (including the mind) after which the living flesh is no longer living but undead.

An undead mind, an undead flesh. This is the zenith point desired by those who undertake the harsh alchemical change process – leading toward a state so horrid, so bleak that the perception of the one taking the first brutal steps onto the path can only intuit from a distance.

What sort of overhaul of consciousness is a preliminary toward even taking those first brutal steps?

The Undead Gods are inimical to human life by their very design and nature – in order to commune with them you must indicate beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of their interest. To do this you must develop a predatory mindset and then begin to enact predatory scenarios consistently – not predatory according to “certain strictures”, “certain codes” and self-imposed moral limits. A black vampire is amoral and spits upon moral limits – including those of the vast majority of self-proclaimed “Satanists” of whatever stripe, who are simply the moral majority presenting themselves as the minor threat – all under the banner of whatever LHP cosmetic “current” they choose.

A vampire is anarchic and frenzied in their pursuit of doing evil – and thrall to the black discipline which enables them to enact the same in the real-world, thus committing and living on an ongoing basis “real-world evil.”

Do you think that the entities who dwell beyond the black gates of the Abyss are interested in coddling the titular “adherent of a current” – the black-clad but white-souled pretender who clamours for evil (with “certain limits’ – of course) while slavishly adhering to in fact – on the most base level – to every middle-class value that they have been inculcated to hold since birth?

Horrific transfiguration into the vampiric condition does not come cheap – and “sinister solidarity” is for suckers.

A preliminary of a complete overhaul of one’s consciousness in pursuance of the undead state is in many ways surprisingly simple – one must simply begin to conceive of going beyond due limits and then through that seed of conception allow it to flourish into action – forcing it into action via the black, amoral and cruel discipline which is the veritable lifeblood of vampiric transformation. That which is most disturbing to one should be enacted. That which one holds as beloved and dear should become an object of the burgeoning vampire’s sadism – not in thought, but in reality. Innocence should be trampled – without exceptions and with unbridled fanaticism.

Can you name a notorious criminal whose actions and atrocities transgress your own moral boundaries even by considering them, whose deeds are so non-negotiably perverse and reprehensible that even the consideration of them causes you to tremble in moral turpitude? If so, you have failed in your pursuance of the undead state.

Do the activities of ISIS, the US Government or the Israeli state cause you discomfort to the point that you will engage in endless internal circular arguments to justify that “your click”, your “cosmetic LHP current” are the “real deal” and that those who cause actual terror and cause actual bloodshed are somehow pawns of the “Magian” or “Demiurge” or (insert “occult” catch phrase of choice)? If so, then you have failed in your pursuance of the undead state.

The Undead Gods themselves are indifferent to such human transgressions – for they themselves have so much more pointed transgressions in store for those who seek them. But you yourself must not be indifferent – you must embrace that which is most horrifying in this world so as to taste that which is to come. Discipline yourselves with black amoral discipline of your own engineering and method of execution and this will lead to the Undead Gods themselves disciplining you – and – from there – a dangerous game of “one upmanship” will ensue which will place your feet firmly upon the charnel grounds of their hideous kind.




Genuine initiatory crises are absolutely necessary for the creation of the Noctulian and the entrance into the undead state. The silence of dwelling in the eye of the storm, a symbolic representation of the undead state that is Noctulian existence, can only be attained by traversing the path of harsh, brutal ordeals that are the hallmark of our alchemical change process. Like when approaching the eye of a hurricane, the winds of ordeal and forced transfiguration will become harsher and more intense as one approaches the eye. It is only through real, genuine initiatory crises that one can reach the Noctulian state. The initiatory crises that are prerequisite must include real tragedy, real horror and real testing. This is not simply promethean overcoming, as the Noctulian is not simply an aphorism for the Satanic Adept.

The current of the Tempel ov Blood is very specific and involves treading a sideward path towards a paradigm of existence that is alien and inimical to the cosmic life force.

Transformation necessarily must be perverse and filled with elements of Terror due to the fact that the entity that emerges after breakthrough is an abomination in quintessence, rather than being the ‘next rung on the evolutionary ladder’ per se. Specific methods of self-engineering must be employed to produce specific entities.

For many, the harshness and the absurd nature of pursuing the alchemical change process according to the Noctulian standards will be too much to bear. There are many groups and systems available for those who wish to follow a more humane approach and we do not dissuade those who are better suited for an alternative method to go their own way. However, if one wishes to aspire towards the Noctulian state, if one wishes to enter into the TOB Blood Pool, then discipline and fanatical commitment to our way must be adhered to. If you fail, you will face the inevitable torture that comes with associating with the blood currents of the TOB and embracing the Abyss – if you succeed you will also face the inevitable torture that comes with associating with the blood currents of the TOB and embracing the Abyss. One may decide to no longer embrace the denizens of the Abyss, however, the denizens of the Abyss, once contacted, will persistently be interested in embracing you.

A bleak path lies before you, strewn with the blood of those that have gone before. Advancement in the path involves an increase, not a decrease in the awareness of Darkness.


All aspiring Noctulians must feed. Upon what do you feed? The blood essence of humans. One may consume the blood essence of the human herd via direct draining procedures while disembodied in the astral state. One may also consume the blood essence of a human via sympathetic contact, sight and touch. What is the grim secret to this Wamphyric Art that is often denied by other vampiric orders? It is the fact that engineering pain – physical and physical – real evil deeds done towards a specific target in the flesh to put it plainly, is very useful in releasing the flow from your human victim. Coercing your victims into states of psychological stress – or even psychological terror – psychical pain – or even physical pain – will work wonders in allowing you to feed heavily upon them. This blood essence – once consumed – will attract the denizens of the Abyss and they – via inducing insanity in the initiate and allowing the initiate to peer through the horrid vortices of the void and backwards darkness – will aid in your transformation. Employing black arts methods for harm should be used in tangent with blood feeding – this means employing curses as well as more practical methods. A TOB initiate is encouraged – and expected – to curse and feed indiscriminately.


When one enters into the Tempel ov Blood one becomes part of the TOB Blood Pool. What does this mean? It means that the blood that you drain from humans is in like manner drained from you – by the Inner Family of Noctulians higher in the hierarchy. The pinnacle of this feeding process is the Blood Father of the Inner Family. The Blood Father is a vortex that twists and distorts the blood currents and then channels this downward towards the larger TOB Blood Family. His black hand is upon you and his touch drains you of the blood essence that you have culled from humans. He is a vortex that twists and distorts the blood currents. His mercy is the blood currents that have been twisted and distorted which he sends down as a rain of astral energy only to those of the TOB – those of the Family. This blood essence, rather than simply being vitalizing (as is the blood essence that you, the initiate, cull from the human herd), is possessed of properties that coerce transformation and transfiguration according to Noctulian principles. The rain of mercy from our Blood Father aids in the creation of the Noctulian – in tangent with practical acts of evil done in the world – and the pains and rigors of ordeal and initiatory crises. This is one of the essential secrets of the alchemical change process revealed.

SOURCE: World Opfer – A Guide for Initiates first appeared first appeared in False Prophet: Internal Journal of the TOB Issue Number 1 (privately issued) and reprinted in Liber 333, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1492282204, ISBN-10: 1492282200)