“Having opened the cleansed windows of perception, set yourself facing south, your black backed mirror upon the altar. Chant thrice the Diabolus, awakening the senses to those nightmarish astral landscapes, Behold these landscapes taking form in the mirror.” – The Nightmarish Landscapes of the Undead, Tempel ov Blood 2003

SOURCE: Excerpted from The Nightmarish Landscapes of the Undead, first released in Liber 333, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1492282204, ISBN-10: 1492282200)

Photograph from a TOB training area directly opposite Cheyenne Mountain Complex; human skull and kapala inscribed with TOB insignia, USAF Survival Combat knife, onyx altar and black scrying mirror and TOB-issued punitive implement for use by members of Commissar rank classification and above.