The lieutenant began laughing maniacally, his insane peals of grotesque mirth bouncing off the jagged rocks of the bizarre cliffs that yawned into a lifeless abyss, shrouded by the sinking sun and variant heights of the evergreen forest surrounding. As he laughed specks of blood and phlegm spewed from his own mouth, the level of issue heightening as the sound pressure level increased.

As the victim fell onto his knees and began swooning in and out of consciousness from the shock of the wound, the lieutenant’s laughter became a garbled scream and his eyes became throbbing blood-shot orbs, opening wider and wider, displaying some inhuman wrath beyond the purview of the remotely sane or ethical.

‘We’ll make you hurt before we make you die!’ the lieutenant barked, as he moved in for the terminal maneuver.

SOURCE: Excerpted from IRON GATES by Tempel ov Blood, published by Martinet Press 2014 (ISBN-10:  0692306587, ISBN-13: 978-0692306581) IRON GATES is a sci-fi horror / post-apocalyptic novel, detailing a bleak view of the spiritual horrors of the world-to-come. Set seventy years after a worldwide nuclear conflagration, IRON GATES allows the reader a sight into a nightmarish landscape populated by even more nightmarish characters in a hideous future which leaves little to the imagination. Brutal and unsparing, it is not suitable for readers under 18. Readers should be advised of extreme graphic content.