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All old and outmoded forms of the body and psyche must be discarded. The spirits of the Undead Gods must inhabit a new vessel which has been cleansed in the holy fires of ordeal, trial and hardship.

Old and unproductive neurological imprints may only be erased through exploring the shadow-self of the world and one’s own psyche and body. Exploring and learning to use the dark, hard world as one’s arena of operations. The earth (“tue sunt caeli, tua est terra…”) is the working arena of the Holy and Immaculate Satanists and Vampires of the TEMPEL OV BLOOD. Via the Tempel, you will, if you are part of said temple, be aided in the eradication of the chaff from your being. You yourself must be willing to step into the caustic and sinister black flames of change.

This change will be enacted (amongst other methods) via SHOCK, TRIAL, ORDEALS AND TORTURE OF THE MIND AND BODY AND SOUL. You must effectively die to the self and the ego of which you now consist to step into the glorious undeath which you seek. You must feel and experience firsthand the glory of horror and the purity of pain. Transformation must be enacted if you wish to reach into the higher stages of BREAKTHROUGH and beyond…

SOURCE: Excerpted from “Discipline of the Gods”, originally released in “Discipline of the Gods/Altars of Hell/Apex of Eternity” printed by Ixaxaar Occult Publications, Tampere, Finland 2003 and limited to 333 copies. Rereleased in Liber 333, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014 (ISBN-13: 978-1492282204, ISBN-10: 1492282200)